Monthly Reading Wrap-Up

July Reading Wrap Up

So excited to do my first monthly reading wrap up. It will be a little bit light this month because I am only posting books that I have read since launching my blog. I am still fine tuning some other items on my blog as well as working on my reading schedule. This month did start out as a bit or a reading slump, but  I am happy with with what I’ve crushed out. Well here is my first ever monthly reading wrap up:

1) The Paper Magician by: Charlie N. Holmberg |Rated 3/5|

This book left me wanting for more than it offered on it’s pages. The concept was so original, but unfortunately the execution was not what it could have been. The ending of the book did give me hope that the author learned to little to late the best way to execute on such a topic and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

2) If I Should Die Before I Wake by: Han Nolan |Rated 5/5|

There are no words to describe the range and flux of emotions I felt when reading this book. It challenged me, inspired me, and caused me to do a lot of reflection for both my personal view and world outlook. This chilling tale has such a precise execution that it what it lacks in happiness it makes up for in pure unfiltered honesty. This without a doubt is one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading and touches on a multitude of topics that still are controversial today.

While again this month was light I do hope that this is the last month to feel like this. I have a ton of really good books coming up so keep checking in for fun and entertaining reviews.