Rating System

First and foremost the reviews reflected on this blog are solely my opinion and have in no way been influenced by anyone.

I will always offer an honest review whether I liked the book or did not. I will always give constructive feedback in my reviews when it is needed. One thing I will not do under any circumstances is lie about my feelings for a book.

Below is the system I use to rate books on. It is based on the 5 star system that Goodreads uses because it is easy to understand and follow.

I will rate your book on the following items:

  • Cover
  • Story
  • Character Development
  • Flow
  • Grammer
  • Difficulty
  • Would I read the book again?

If I re-read a book and my opinion on it changes I will do a completely separate review and explain in great detail what caused me to change my mind on my original position.

If you have an questions about what I meant about something in a review please don’t hesitate to ask. I want to make sure my reviews are clear as possible to the requestor.